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Monday, 6 June 2016

Review: Saving Robor

Saving Robor Saving Robor by J.A. Essen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am a fan of J.A. Essen's first book Perilous Love and was excited to hear that he was writing more about this amazing world he has created, where Elves and humans live in harmony. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to read it, but I have to say, it didn't grab me as much as the first did. I really fell in love with the characters in Perilous Love, but didn't feel that same connection this time.

For me, I think the real story began half way through (when it jumped ahead twenty years), and I would have liked to have seen more added there. I felt as though the important things were a little rushed. I wanted to get to know Aluna and Ainion more. That was where it grabbed me, and I think an entire book around them would have been really good to read.

That being said, I still think J.A. Essen is a great writer, and I would love to see what he has planned for his next work.

Faudron and former Princess of Robor, Edana, have moved on and are living their ‘happily ever after’ out by the sea, which has always been her dream.

Taranis has returned to Robor, where Breacca is waiting for him. Their scorching-hot, erotic passion explodes as they begin their lives together.

Joint life between the Elves of Robor and the Humans of Dun Felmar is good… or at least, it was.

There have recently been some issues arise from a portion of the Elven population, disgusted by the blending of the races. Tensions begin to rise over the years and the fuse on the powder keg is lit.

A new hero and heroine: The adventure continues with the next generation! Panty melting sex, feel-good humor, and possibly a few tears, meld together into the exciting conclusion to these six characters story’s.

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