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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Children's book Thomas and the Wereanimals of Gobbleville

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Author: Tammy Spruill
Genre: Children's Book
Thomas and the Wereanimals of Gobbleville 

Book Blurb:

It is almost Halloween and Thomas Turkey is looking for costume ideas. One day at school he found an old little book stick in the back of the library shelves. Thomas reads the old book to find out that their are weresqirrels and wereturkrys living in the forest on the west side of the town. So Thomas tells his friends Mark, Dave, and Steve about this little book and what it say. The four friend decide to go out into the forest that weekend to find weresquirrels and wereturkeys. What will they find out in the Gobble Forest? 

Author's Biography:

Tammy Spruill was born in Lansdale,Pennsylvania to her parents and two older sisters. She grew up in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. She attended Chowan College after graduating from North Penn High School. She is a founding sister of the Delta Roe chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. After graduating with her Bachelors degree in 2001, she when to work in versus job until becoming a stay at home mother of two. She come up with the idea for her Treasure Book series when seeing her children drawing in books she had bought them. After trying the idea on her children she decided to write this series.

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