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Friday, 12 August 2016

Review: The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance

The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance The Matriarch: An Erotic Superhero Romance by Sloane Howell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! First of all, I can't believe it took me so long to read this! I have been a fan of Sloane Howell's work for a while now, and this has to be my favourite by far. It has everything - action, sex, love, betrayal. It has a real Marvel/DC comic book feel to it.

Maggie Madison has not had an easy life. She has witnessed things that no-one should ever have to see. She has been subjected to a life of torment and to make it easier on herself, she has found ways to cope, brushing them aside as if they are nothing.
Deep down, though, she is looking for a way out. The man responsible has gone too far, and he must pay. She bides her time, slowly building up her empire, while in the dark of night, she unleashes her justice. One by one, she takes out the people helping the man behind her pain.
Amidst it all, she meets a man like no other. A man who makes her feel like a girl again. He shows her what it's like to be treated with respect and trust, something she hasn't experienced when dealing with men. Is he too good, though? How can she ever tell him of her dark past? What would he think of her then? Would he understand?

There were some seriously evil characters in there. Characters who made me really appreciate the life that I have had. I'm not gonna lie, there were some pretty brutal scenes. Some WTF moments. But that's what I love about it! It was dark and light, sexy and sinful. It was amazing.

I only have one thing left to say - Sloane, where the hell is my sequel???

Betrayal is easy, sex is a weapon, and information is power. Maggie Madison sits in the lofty towers of her city during the day, but at night she lurks the seedy underbelly, looking to snare the man who stole her innocence. Her simple quest becomes complicated when she meets a man who is as light as she is dark, as straightforward as she is deceptive. When a villain rises and sets her world alight, she must weigh her need for revenge against the good of the city she vowed to protect.

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