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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Cover Reveal of The Boss Lady by Mina S. Love

The Boss Lady By Mina S. Love 
Release Date: December 2nd, 2016 
Genre: Romance. Erotic Suspense. BDSM. 


He was mine to possess… Preston stormed into my life at the perfect time. He was everything I needed at the moment: smart, virile, arrogant, and beautiful. 
He was also…MINE.
I was on the cusp of finalizing one of the most important business deals of my company’s history—my father’s company. Preston was the key to its success, but I needed more from him than just financial reports. I needed his trust, his loyalty, and I needed him tied to my bed, begging for a high only I could give him. I needed him… Collared and Owned. 

She was everything… They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say it’s worth only one…LOVE. 
Nadia was everything I ever wanted. Powerful, smart, young and beautiful. I’ve loved her from the moment I saw her in a photograph that sat on her father’s desk. But I was sent for the wrong reasons…a pawn in a game to destroy the biggest deal of her career. Racing against time, I found myself thrown into a world of lust and desire, playing a game of chess with the woman I loved. What I got was so much more than I bargained for. Do I save her and risk my freedom or destroy her before I get the chance to steal away her heart? 

DISCLAIMER: This book is connected to the Consequence Series and may be read alone; however, there is an area that may be considered a spoiler for Consequence. The Boss Lady is a two part series that takes off running. It’s over the top, sexy, and drama filled. There are elements of BDSM in this read. If this is a sensitive subject matter for you or does not interest you, then this book may not be for you. Other than that, I hope you take pleasure in my madness. ~Mina 



Mina, can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Motherhood is the most important job I have. I was blessed with the most wonderful 20 year old on the planet. Right now, I currently work three jobs, on top of writing and motherhood. My intense and extroverted personality keeps me from going crazy, I think. I like to keep myself busy because I bore easily. 

Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

I have been in love with books since I knew how to read. My father is an avid reader and I’m sure I picked up the habit from him. When I was a little girl, I had difficulty with reading and comprehension. It was quite frustrating. My parents did everything they could think of to help back then: children’s books (Curious George, my favorite), they read to me, did writing exercises with me, Phonics; anything that kept me engaged with reading. Once I got the hang of things, I took off. All through grade school and unto college, I have been great at English and writing. I wrote poems that were published, journals, articles, a thesis, book reports, reviews, and so on. Writing a novel is very, very different. 

Tell us a little about your upcoming novel, The Boss Lady. 

The Boss Lady takes place in beautiful Miami, Florida. It is about a controlling, young, beautiful alpha female-CEO with a dominant and kinky sex drive. She’s brash and a-matter-of-fact, demanding, but sweet when she wants to be. She meets an older man who immediately fuels the desire inside of her. He flips her world inside out, changing the way she sees life and love. Nadia (the heroine) and Preston (the hero) go at it, trying to fight their attraction, while other “things” circle around them like vultures. I love drama and angst. I think The Boss Lady grasps some of those elements. 

Is The Boss Lady based on real-life experiences or is it purely imagination?

The Boss Lady is purely fiction, though Nadia is half and half. Let me explain. I created Nadia and mirrored her innate qualities and dominance after my own. I based her on how I am professionally and personally. I am very head strong and have a forceful and dominant personality. I like being in charge, I know what I want/like/dislike, and I have no problems with my sensuality and sexuality—one of the reasons I am so strong-willed. Men tend to have all the fun in romance/erotic novels and I wanted to create a fun, bossy, sexy, in-charge young woman with a kinky side. It was important that her love interest was all right with who she was. 

What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about BDSM that isn’t so? 

Wow. There are so many answers to this question. I will use the few that I know from my own experiences. BDSM is abusive, it is all about sex, and people who do BDSM are crazy in the head. These are the three that I have had to explain the most. First off, BDSM is a lifestyle and not a form of abuse. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people who get off on pain and can find pleasure in it. But there are so many levels to BDSM. With the right situation, it can be an extremely beautiful connection between the persons involved. The Dom-Sub element has always been blown out of proportion in my opinion. The dominance, submission, bondage portions are all choices that the individual makes. There is no forcing an individual here. These elements mean different things to different people—people who chose this lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily means sex is involved either. There are no mental issues with individuals that chose to add these elements to their relationships. It’s the everyday people around you that you would never expect to engage in BDSM. It is not an “all or nothing” lifestyle. You are able to pick and choose the elements you desire and what you deem is best for your relationship. Consent. Consent. Consent. It’s just that simple. 


What, for you, constitutes “sexy”?  

This is a loaded question. *smile* Sexy, for me, starts from within. Nothing gets me going like a strong, intelligent, and well-polished man. A man’s-man. I was raised by a very strong man, so my bar is set pretty high. Sexy is the man who takes care of himself mentally, emotionally, and physically. He cares for his family, his children, and his home. He works hard and is strong yet tender. Sexy is highly internal and not always external. I’ve learned some very hard lessons basing sexiness on external factors. Haven’t made that mistake again. 

As someone who writes within the erotica genre, what are your thoughts on the impact and importance of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey impacted the hell out of me. I had read the fanfiction before it was made a book. It sparked a huge plethora of Indie Authors to explore the world of erotic love stories with alpha males and the women who fell for them. I have read some fantastic books that the Fifty Franchise has influenced. I was inspired by it, somewhat. For me, Fifty Shades wasn’t about sex. It was a psychological love story about a 28 year old man that turned into a 4 year old, abused boy when he was alone. I’m an honors psychology major and I have talked with a few “Christian Greys” and let me tell you, the struggle is real. This franchise meant a lot to me because of Christian’s character and the way a sweet, innocent woman broke through an emotionally wounded man, teaching him how to love himself, something a therapist had not been able to do. That can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when the individual is a male (yes, they process things differently) and uses sex to control his anxiety. 

What projects are you working on at the present time? 

Consequence was the first novel I re-released in October. All of my books will be connected to that one. After The Boss Lady releases, book 2 in the Consequence Series, titled Redemption will be dropped next. There will be 6, possibly 7 books total. In The Boss Lady, I added all the upcoming titles and pending release dates. I am really excited about these projects and the feedback I have received has been phenomenal. It is much appreciated. #love

Press and Nadia.jpg1.jpg 

Mina, thanks for stopping by. You're always a pleasure to interact with. We wish you much success with your release!!! Xoxo JP, Lindsay, and Stephanie.

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