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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Review: The Chronicles of Larry: Season Two

The Chronicles of Larry: Season Two The Chronicles of Larry: Season Two by Seymour Snatch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My word! Larry is back and he is better than ever! And check out that cover! Larry's kinda hot! Who knew?

Once again, Larry has taught me some fantastic new vocabulary, and I can't wait for an opportunity to use it! Okay, so maybe I won't actually use it, but you know I'll be thinking it!
In Season One, Larry was just getting warmed up. Now, Larry's balls have gotten even bigger and he's taking revenge on all those who have wronged him or his family. No-one is safe from the wrath of Larryballs.
And don't get me started on his children. Ninebags has some doozy lines, and we discover that he has a new skill. While Kaley's inner Larry seems to be blossoming. There is no doubt who she belongs to.
Of course, there are some interesting scenarios with slutbag Susan. Never a dull moment when she and Larry are in a room together.
And Jim. Poor old Jim. He always seems to get the raw end of the deal.

What you can look forward to in Season Two: the mudslide of all mudslides, a sprinkler, a surfer dude like no other, and so much more!

Seymour Snatch and Seester McSeesterson have certainly outdone themselves with this one!

*Not for the easily offended!*

He’s back, and he’s ready to piss all over everything…

Allegedly based on a true story (this cannot be confirmed nor denied)...

Many moons ago in a seedy alley that cut through the heart of Toledo, Ohio, Seester McSeesterson and Seymour Snatch stumbled on their way to a hotel from an evening of drunken debauchery. In that moment, Seester noticed a leather bound journal illuminated by the bright moonlight next to a dumpster.

She never knew that when she opened it their lives would be forever changed. Contained therein was a journal of a man named Larry. For hours they poured over tale after tale of revenge of the highest order, the ultimate in chicanery, and lived out a romance for the ages, coupled with the most electrifying profane lexicon either of them had ever bore witness to.

They searched for years trying to locate this rockstar of revenge and purveyor of profanity, only to come up empty in every search. Soon after, they decided it would be selfish to keep to themselves this epic saga of one man’s transformation from every day office drone to freedom and f*ckery. So they transcribed his journal in order to release it to the world.


This book contains the most offensive stories of all time and should be banned worldwide. Seymour and Seester are not responsible for any material contained herein and are merely vessels transporting these stories to the masses. Please proceed with extreme caution. You have been warned.

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