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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Review: All The Lies

All The Lies All The Lies by S.T. Abby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ooooooh! It just keeps getting better!
In the last instalment, we were taken back to where it all began, Delaney Grove. Secrets are revealed, truths are heard, and suspicions are heightened as the Scarlet Slayer continues to take out more of those who tormented and threatened all those years ago. The sheriff is on a mission to hinder the feds in any way possible, and this changes things, making the timeline speed up. A lot of blood is shed.

I love getting to see how both Logan and Lana see things, and see how their minds work. In this one, we get to see a bit more of Leonard and his perceptiveness. We also get to see just how deep this scandal runs.

Something I haven't mentioned in my reviews so far, is that the author heads each new chapter with a quote. It's always a quote from the same person through each book. This one was Voltaire. I quite enjoy reading these and trying to figure out the hidden meanings.

I have book 5 sitting on my kindle, patiently waiting for my attention. I can tell you this, I will be diving into it tonight! I NEED to get to the end of this! I'm so close now!

To understand the monsters in the world, you have to get inside their heads. It's a dangerous place to be, especially when you start to empathize and lose your own sense of morality.

But that's never happened to me...

I've never felt conflicted on any case. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It's simple. Black and white. There's no such thing as a gray area.

But fuck this case. I don't even know what side I'm on anymore. I don't understand how this town can continue to function without breaking under the weight of all the lies they've spun and lived.

Every time I find a shard of truth, my gut twists, my heart beats faster, and I hate this place a little more. Every time I think I've heard the worst, another truth is dug up from the ashes of more burning lies.

Worst of all, I don't even know who to trust anymore. My head is all messed up.

I pride myself on being impossible to fool.
I'm an expert at knowing when someone is lying to me.
I never believed in being blinded by love...until Lana.

**BE WARNED: Some flashbacks can get intense to readers with a sensitive trigger. Skip the blocks in italics if that's the case.

**Sexual Content

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