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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Am I a blogger?

After seeing a post on Facebook asking what defines bloggers, I felt compelled to write this post.  I started this blog almost a year ago now, and my main focus was to help fellow indie authors to get reviews and share their books.  As an author myself, I know how crucial those reviews are, and how hard they can be to get.

Yes, I did have every intention of writing more thought-provoking posts, but life gets in the way all too often.  I have three children, a proofreading business, a part-time office job, a house to look after and of course, my own books to write.  So, yes, more often than not, I share promo posts that I am sent and I admit, some are books that I haven't read.  As I said, I am about helping authors to show get their work out there.

As everyone does, I also have my favourites.  My go-to authors if you like.  The ones that I will purchase and read without a second thought.  That being said, I like to be honest in my reviews, and don't play favourites.  There have been many new-to-me authors that I have discovered and fallen in love with over the last year.  Authors that, had I not been blogging, I may not have had the chance to read - purely because I would not have known about them.

So, back to the question.  Am I a blogger?  I like to think so.  I spend a great deal of time scheduling posts with release blitz's, cover reveals and reviews.  I share links to free books or sales of books that I love.  I offer giveaways to my followers, to celebrate the books that I've enjoyed or just because I've met a milestone.  Sometimes I just want to give back, from one avid reader to another.

I may not write big fluffy pieces all the time, but I still read and review as many books as I can.  I help people get their name out there, and offer promotion when others have turned them away.  So, am I a blogger?  I say, yes.

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