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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Amelia J Hunter Author Spotlight!

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Author Spotlight for Amelia J Hunter!

The Sensual Collection ~ 14th February 2016

The Sensual Collection is comprised of eight steamy, sensual and emotive intertwining short stories, expertly depicted tales of Beginnings, Lust, Longing and Devotion.
Prepare yourself to delve into scenes of pure delight as the stories unfold before your eyes, taking you on a journey of your own pleasure and desires.
Welcome to a world of intrigue, erotica and powerful sensations.
To read is to dream, to read erotica is to fantasise.

Before You Leave ~ 11th November 2015

Tragedy strikes shortly before what should have been the happiest day of Julia’s life. The happy ever after she’d been dreaming of for as long as she could remember, is twisted, turning it into her living nightmare, in an accident that changes everything.
Despair. Solitude. Desolation.
This is her life now, submerged in the darkness of her depression and sheathed from the harsh reality waiting for her outside.
Before she can commit herself to the shadows completely, she’s brought back to life with the help of her best friend.
A new start, a holiday, and he unexpected arrival of Kieran mean it’s time for Julia to start living again. But, with the betrayal, untold secrets, and the pain of her grief holding her back, will she be able to move on and clean the slate of her history?
Will she learn how to enjoy life before it’s too late? Or will she let all the obstacles standing before her drag her back to the safe haven of anguish she knew so well.

Waiting For Christmas ~ 14th December 2015

For 364 days she waited to receive his text
For 364 days she didn't even know if it would come
A sensual short Christmas story for adult reading only

Hidden ~ released 20th September 2016

Secrets never stay hidden, do they?
They have a way of creeping into your life when you least expect them.
Samuel Delaney never expected his secret, his past, his mother to destroy the man he had fought hard to become.
But when a white envelope with an Irish stamp, containing a letter handwritten in black ink, arrived on a Wednesday morning, it changed everything, risking the most important thing in his life - Faye, his soul mate for the past ten years.
Samuel had boarded a plane thirteen years ago without looking back. Now, he had no choice but to return and bury his past before it ruined his future. But he didn’t expect the secrets to run deeper, down to a rotten root.
Will the discovery of the hidden secrets change him when Samuel doesn’t want to be changed?

About the Author

Amelia J Hunter is an indie writer who likes to take her reader on a journey through her erotic writing and her contemporary romance novels.
Leaving the bright lights of London behind in the early 90's, she now lives in the Irish countryside with her family, a good coffee maker and plenty of talk.
Amelia is a sociable writer who loves to hear from readers, writers and anyone that makes her smile and enjoys her ramblings.
Amelia has a blog where you can read short stories created just for that page, book updates, events and even audios of her work. Amelia's blog can be found at

To read is to dream
To read erotic is to fantasise
To read romance is to breathe life into your heart

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