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Friday, 12 May 2017

An interview with Author, Cora A Murray!

We have another author interview!  Please welcome Cora A. Murray to the floor!

What first inspired you to start writing?

I've written my whole life, or told stories to my family. My best friend was putting together a short story anthology and pushed me to write The Dark Alpha. It seemed to have pushed my brain into over load and I've been writing since.

Where do you get your story ideas from?

I just have a thought. The character is usually strong enough that they make me write their story.

Are any of your characters based on you or people you know?

No, but I do name my characters after friends. If I catch something flash across my screen and need a name I'll use it.

Which has been your favourite book/character to write?

Surviving Earth: Makayla's Journey. Makayla, is a total badass and she is so protective of her small family. She will put her life in danger to protect her family.

If you could tell your readers anything, what would it be?

I'm open and love hearing from them, also I so appreciate them reading my books.

Are there any authors who have inspired you, or helped you along the way?

Christina Escue, my best friend and my mentor. She's helped me since day one.
Erica Stevens, her books inspire me to be a better writer.
CJ Harnett, she's an amazing friend and she helps me edit and format now.
Bree Pierce, she's always available to listen when I need an ear.
Barbara Devlin, she is such an amazing friend and author. She inspires me to be a better person.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

To Scotland, the castles, the folklore and men in kilts. Lol

If you weren’t an author, what other profession would you choose?

I'd be involved in the indie community as a PA, I think.

What is your favourite snack to eat, and drink of choice?

I love Diet Pepsi. It's my absolute go to beverage. Snack.. I think possibly cheese and veggies with ranch dressing.

Lastly, tell me where readers can find you - website, Facebook, Twitter etc - and provide links.

Thank you so much for interviewing me. I had fun answering the questions.
Thanks so much for taking part in this interview! 🙂

I love getting to know everyone that little bit more. Don't forget to contact me if you too would like to be interviewed. I'm always on the lookout for more authors and bloggers to interview :)
Make sure you show Cora some love, and give her page a follow!

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  1. I had a blast, thanks for interviewing me..