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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Review: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy mother of all things twisted. Once again, Celia has managed to make me fall for a depraved man, a bad guy, if you will. How the hell does she do it?
Sebastian is a psychopath. He doesn’t feel emotion like everyone else does, and has to rely on body language to tell what a person is thinking or feeling. He’s also willing to go to any extreme to get what he wants, even if that something belongs to someone else.
Camille is a science teacher, with a dream of one day travelling to the Amazon rainforest to study the plant-life. Her boyfriend, Link, wants her to move to the city to live with him, but when a space opens up on this expedition, she can’t turn it down. Only, it’s not what she expected it to be.
Sebastian has his eyes on the prize, and won’t stop until he has her in his grasp.
You’ll want to hate him, but deep down, you won’t be able to. He’s everything you shouldn’t want, and everything you can’t resist.
Once again, I find myself questioning my morals, and wondering why I love these men so much. You know it’s a good story when it has you rethinking everything you thought you knew.

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