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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Review: UN-Breakable

UN-Breakable UN-Breakable by S.K. Lessner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. This book was A-Maze-Ing. A heartfelt, emotional roller coaster ride, written by someone who has had first hand experience in a situation that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemies. This book has everything. Angst, fear and loathing, but also love, trust and hope.

Right from the very first chapter, I was captivated by Gwen. The strength that she found in herself to carry on and pull through even though she was at the mercy of a despicable man who was grooming her for her "new owner". I shudder at the thought that this actually goes on.

And Nick. The man who is unable to walk away. He has his own share of demons in his past, but something about Gwen makes him want to protect her. This man is swoonworthy. He is someone you want to have on your side. You will fall for him, as I did.

This book deals with some pretty serious issues, and I feel as though the author has done a fantastic job at portraying these issues in a tasteful way. I wanted to cry and scream in parts, and felt my heart swell in others. I'm not gonna lie, there were times I wanted to reach into my kindle and wrap my hands around the throat of some of these characters. They were truly horrendous people with not an ounce of good in them. But what shone through, was the resilience of Gwen, and the hope that Nick instilled on her. The trust between these two, and the love that found its way through even after everything.

I absolutely loved this book!

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