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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Review: Happenstance 3

Happenstance 3 Happenstance 3 by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

And then it was over.

I've really enjoyed this little roller coaster ride of Erin and Weston. I loved the close bond that was formed between Erin and her new parents, Julianne and Sam. It gives me the warm fuzzies that they could embrace the changes in their lives and find a peace together.

Brady is still a piece of shit, but we get to see a bit of why he is the way he is, and it just made me feel sorry for him. And even through everything, Erin still doesn't stoop to his level. She stops Weston from retaliating when he takes things too far. She really is a kindhearted soul.

I was surprised by Weston nearing the end. I hadn't seen that coming, but I guess when you're a teenager those feelings are so much more confusing and be-all-end-all. I'm glad that things worked out the way they did though.

I always love a strong female and Erin certainly is one of those, and Weston isn't your typical hero either. Overall a good little YA trilogy :)

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