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Sunday, 18 June 2017

An Interview with Val Wilson!

We have another author interview!  Please welcome Val Wilson!

What first inspired you to start writing?

I’ve enjoyed writing stories since childhood and fiction as an adult. This love of writing came from serious illness as a child, forcing me to amuse myself with something creative indoors! I’ve now had five non-fiction books published, one children’s book, and have a series of six novels – The Milford Murder Mysteries – coming soon. Look out for my debut novel and the first in the series – Miss Morris Must Die! 

Where do you get your story ideas from?

My husband has a very fertile imagination and we bounce ideas off of each other.

Are any of your characters based on you or people you know?  

In my forthcoming murder mysteries, there are two characters who have very abrasive personalities (and other idiosyncrasies), inspired by certain people I know. But a restraining order says I mustn’t name them!

Which has been your favourite book/character to write?

To date, my second murder mystery, Poison is a Woman’s Weapon, has been my favourite to write as it features the comic and sharp-tongued personality of Diane Pargitter, a woman born to tread on other people’s corns! There is an unfortunate argument with a sheep where Diane comes off worse on her way to a wedding. Her outfit is ruined so she steals a cassock from the vicar, having disgraced herself following the introduction of her dung-smeared skirt to an antique church pew…

 If you could tell your readers anything, what would it be?

A writer is a writer not because they write well or easily, have amazing talent or because everything they do is golden. A writer is a writer because, even if there is no hope and nothing they write shows any promise, they keep writing anyway.

Are there any authors who have inspired you, or helped you along the way?

I have always loved the fantastic novels of Agatha Christie and, although my murder mysteries are far less serious, I’ve undoubtedly been inspired by her prolific story writing and ability to grip the reader from page one. My other big inspiration is the wonderful Mavis Cheek. I love her books and I’m lucky enough to count Mavis as one of my Facebook friends. I’ve also received immeasurable support from the generous author community on Fb.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to finally visit New Zealand. I had to cancel a fantastic month-long trip to NZ last year for health reasons but I’m still longing to see this unbelievable country.  

(Good choice!) 

If you weren’t an author, what other profession would you choose?

Sloth wrangler – caring for orphaned baby sloths.

What is your favourite snack to eat, and drink of choice?

Cashew nuts and a glass of anything grape-related, preferably large!

Lastly, tell me where readers can find you - website, Facebook, Twitter etc

My Amazon author page:

I’m currently lacking a website and Twitter account but considering both!

Thank you so much Val Wilson for taking the time to answer my questions!
Make sure you give her a follow, and check out her books!